La Valtrie, Séraphin Marganne, Sieur de

La Valtrie, Séraphin Marganne, Sieur de
   A native of St. Benoit de Paris. Obtained a lieutenancy in the Lignières Regiment; took service under De Tracy, 1664, and came to Canada the following year. Granted the seigniory of Lavaltrie in 1672; sent to the western posts as commandant, and replaced by La Durantaye, 1683; accompanied Denonville on his expedition against the Iroquois, 1687. Killed, 1693.
   Index: F Seignior, commands militia; in 1687 in attack on Iroquois, 209; killed by Iroquois in 1693, 323.
   Bib.: Parkman, Frontenac.

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